​​2018 Hall of Fame Inductee:

 Benny Gilbert

Benny began racing mowers in 2003 and has won multiple championships with several racing organizations throughout the years.  Benny races as well as builds mowers and is the head of the "Country Racing" crew.  Benny is always willing to help his fellow racers and is always a fan favorite.

Rebels and Rednecks Mower Racing Hall of Fame

Each year (beginning with the 2017 season at least one racer will be chosen to go into our Hall of Fame.  Recipients are chosen based on experience, sportsmanship, and their contribution to the sport of mower racing.   

2019 Hall of Fame Inductee 

Pete Snow

Pete Snow has been racing mowers for many years and has proven to be the one to beat in both the Modified Overhead Valve as well as the Legends Classes.  Pete has won many championships throughout the year.  Pete is a clean driver who is respected by other racers.   Pete is a family man and his wife Sandra is always by his side to cheer him.

​2019 Hall of Fame Inductee: 

Bill Warner Rhoades 

Bill Rhoades began his mower racing career in 2000 with his Grandson, Cody Griffin.  Bill dominated the Legends Class for many years.  In addition to racing, Bill was a builder of some of the fastest racing mowers around.  Bill was a sweet man, a friend to all, and he loved mower racing.  Bill passed away on Sunday, July 7, 2019, at the age of 81.

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee:

Jimmy Frazier

Jimmy began his racing adventures with dirt cars in the 70's in Rural Retreat Va. and from there went to racing Go Carts before he began racing mowers in 2011.  Since 2011, Jimmy has won multiple championships throughout the years.  Jimmy is not just a racer, he also builds mowers, and works on them.  Jimmy is always willing to help his fellow racers and the organization he runs for.