2024 Rules and Regulations (changes to the rules are in red)

All drivers are responsible for knowing the rules.  We will be more strict about enforcing rules.  If a driver is told that corrections need to be made to their mower in order to comply with the rules they will be given 3 weeks to make all corrections.  If driver fails to comply with rules they will not be able to participate in future races. 

General Rules Applying to all classes

Safety Rules

Long pants, neck braces, helmet, and boots (or laced up shoes) must be worn.

No one is allowed on the track while race or practice is in progress

No children are allowed in the pits unless accompanied by an adult.  This means that children are to be supervised!  Children are not allowed at the edge of track during races.  We love to see children but are concerned about their safety

No alcohol or drugs permitted

No fighting or use of profanity to other drivers or officials

All drivers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign a release form

Drivers under the age of 18 must pass a driving test conducted by an official

If you have a complaint/disagreement, please find an official to discuss it with.Any problems arising will be addressed as soon as possible

Do not block exit or entrance gates

All glass must be removed or taped up

No speeding in the pit area

Operating Rules

Drivers are allowed 3 minutes for breakdowns on the track.If you leave the track you cannot return

Drivers are allowed 2 breakdowns during the race, on the 3rd breakdown you will be black flagged and will have to leave the track

In the event of a caution, the driver responsible for the caution will have to go to the rear.  If you cause a caution because you are struck by another mower (the mower behind you hits you and you spin out) you do not loose your position. 

If the field is under caution and you decide to work on your mower (or your mower breaks down) you will only have until the mower causing the caution gets rolling to finish.  If you are still working on your mower when the original mower (the one that cause the caution) gets going (or exits the track) the caution will restart with you as the cause. 

All races will have a 20 minute time limit to discourage excessive cautions

If you are not in pre-stage for your race you forfeit your spot.The only exceptions is back to back races

All drivers must attend drivers meetings

Limit of two races per mower (women’s division and legends class can run three)

No working on mowers until they are stopped and the track is under caution

Mower Rules

All mowers must have visible numbers on both sides of the hood-which means all mowers must have a hood

All stock mowers must run gasoline - modified mowers can run the fuel of their choosing

All mowers must have rear fenders

Stock Mowers must run lawn mower tires - Modified classes can run either lawn mower tires or Hoosiers or similar racing tires 

Tires and wheels must be the same size on both sides of either axle in all stock classes- Modified classes can stagger tires

Tires must have tubes or bead lock wheels

Wheels must be made of steel or aluminum

Mowers must have a working tethered kill switch

Mowers must have onboard starting system that is in working order- mowers need to charged and ready to go.  Drivers may be penalized if there mower is consistently "not in working order"

Must be operated by a push button starter or key start switch

Must have air filters

All batteries must be secured

Mowers should have no exposed sharp edges

Mowers must be equipped with either foot or hand brakes

Mowers must have either foot or hand throttle

Centrifugal clutches are allowed in all classes

Mowers must have a deck or simulated deck

Mowers must have footholds made so that the foot can’t become entangled

Seats must be lawnmower style seats and should be on the center line of the frame of the mower for all stock classes- Go cart seats are allowed in all modified classes

Front axle and steering may be reinforced, fabricated, or substituted

Exhaust design should be opened and it must terminate away from driver and competitors

Driveline can be modified from the engine pulley to the rear wheels using lawnmower parts only

Can run live axle - However, gear boxes are only allowed in modified classes

Engines must be vertical shaft engines manufactured for use in lawnmower for all stock classes - horizontal engines will be allowed in modified classes only

Any transmission with chains must have sufficient shields

All mowers must have front and back bumpers, Bumpers are to be no wider than your tires and should include a riser with the center of both bumpers measuring 8 inches from the ground up- Bumper rule will be enforced!

All gray areas within the rules will be subject to inspection of the inspectors and officials with determine if they are legal for competition

Mower Frames

Mower frames should consist of actual factory frames however, with the variety of existing mowers and different building styles we do allow tube framing and other builds as long as it maintains a mower appearance.

Width- all mowers must measure 42 inches or less from outside sidewall to outside sidewall

Length- all mowers must measure 60 inches or less center to center of the wheels- maximum of 80 inches for overall length

Racing Classes

Stock Class Engine/Transmission Rules- These rules apply to all stock classes unless otherwise noted

Engines must be vertical shaft engines manufactured for use in lawnmower

Transmission must maintain all working forward gears as well as reverse

Transmission can be locked for safety purposes

Governor can be unhooked

Stator can be removed

Magnets may be removed

Carburetors must be stock for the orientation of the motor (can not make alterations to the stock carburetor, i.e can not remove choke, can not put in bigger jets, etc.)  The only alterations allowed to a stock carburetor is running an after marker air filter.

No overhead cams allowed

After market air filters are allowed

Must have stock cam with no modifications to the camshaft allowed (subject to cam test).

Porting and polishing are not allowed

Advance keys in flywheel are allowed (except in junior stock class)

Valve keepers may be upgraded using stock OM parts (stock springs must be maintained)

Orientation of the motor must remain the same (example 17 hp motor must have 17 hp head) (with the exception noted in stock single cylinder flathead)

Engines are subject to compression test

Can run vacuum fed external fuel pump- no electric fuel pump allowed

Stock classes must run smaller size rims/tires on the front versus rear of mower (modified classes can run same size front and back)

Stock Classes

Kids Stock- Ages 5 to 9

  • Must be factory lawnmower with no modifications to the engine
  • Must have blades removed!!!!
  • Deck can be removed 
  • A parent or guardian needs to remain on the track during kids stock races

Junior Stock- ages 10 to 14- engine must be briggs single cylinder flathead 12.5 hp plus the below requirements:

  • Must run a peerless transmission with all gears in working order.  There will be no gearing requirements in junior stock however,  If we have a junior stock that is predominately faster than the others they will be required to adjust the gearing in order to keep all mowers relatively close in speed.  

  • Must run 16/17.5 mower tire.  Must run 6 inch on the front and 8 inch on the back.

  • No advance key in flywheel

Stock Single Cylinder Flathead- (ages 14 and up) maximum compression of 125 pounds

Can run 11 hp heads on 12 hp mower in this class only

Stock Single Cylinder Overhead Valve- (ages 14 and up) up to 17.5 hp engine.Maximum compression of 150 pounds

Stock Twin Cylinder Flathead- (ages 14 and up)

Stock V-twin (14 to 23 hp)- (ages 14 and up) subject to the same rules of other stock classes (no after market cams)

Modified Classes- modified classes are allowed to run after-market parts and make modifications to the motor and rear of mowers.  Drivers who are under 18 must have proven driving experience with our organization or pass a driving test before competing in modified classes.-  Due to the danger involved in racing (especially in modified classes) any drivers who's lack of experience creates a danger on the track they may be limited to practice or starting in the rear.   This is not meant to offend anyone it is meant to minimize risk 

Legends- (ages 50 and up) Engine must be vertical shaft single cylinder

Modified V-twin (14 to 16 hp)- No more than 30,000th over standard bore

Modified V-twin (18 to 23 hp)

Modified single Cylinder Flathead

Modified Overhead Valve

Modified Twin Cylinder Flathead

Women’s Division- No v-twins in women's division

Open Unlimited- all v-twin engines ranging from 23 hp up and any engine with no more than 2 cylinders

Impound Protest Rules

The inspection team/officials has the full discretion to inspect any mower that seems questionable

In order to protest a first place mower, the protester must be running in second or third place in the race with the protested mower.  The only exception to this will be when officials check the top three finishers

All protest requires a $100 fee.If the protested mower is found to be legal, the driver of the protested mower will receive $50 and the $50 will go to the organization.If the protested mower is found illegal, the protestor will receive their money back and the driver of the illegal mower will be required to pay $50 to the organization (driver cannot participate in any further racing until the fee is paid)

The officials can impound any mower that is being protested.Impounded mowers will be inspected at the conclusion of the evenings races

Our stock classes are starting to grow and with that growth comes the temptation to cheat in order to get that edge over the competition.  We realize that as long as you have racing there will be individuals who will attempt to find ways to cheat however, we do not condone cheating and we want racing to be both fun and fair for everyone.  So in order to try to deter cheating and keep our stock classes in check we have come up with the following:

Officials may at any time decide to check the top 3 finishers in any stock class

This check will involve removing the heads and inspecting, measuring and documenting all components of the motor that can be checked

Inspections will involve 2 inspectors

Drivers will be responsible for replacing their own head gaskets

If a mower is deemed to be illegal, the driver will lose all accumulated points (in the stock class) and will be bumped up to a modified class.  In the past we have allowed the driver to change motors however, that will no longer be the case.  If a driver is caught cheating in a stock class they will be barred from racing in a stock class for the remainder of that years racing season;  Cheating is not fair to the drivers who play by the rules and we strongly suggest that if you are participating in a stock class you better know for sure that your motor is stock.  We have had some people who say, "I bought it from so and so and he said it was stock"  that is not an excuse.  If you purchase a motor from someone it is your responsibility to ensure that it is stock prior to signing up in a stock class!!!

Drivers may refuse to be inspected however, refusing an inspection will result in loss of their points (in the stock class) and driver will be bumped up to a modified class

The inspectors’ decision will be upheld by staff!


Green- start of race

Yellow- caution, slow down and form a single file behind leader

Yellow/white- the field is not sufficiently bunched up for the restart

Red- race has stopped.All drivers need to stop

Black- the black flag rolled up is a drivers warning.A full black flag means driver has to exit the track immediately

White/green- halfway point of race

Blue with orange stripes- slower mowers need to move to allow passing room for faster mowers

White- one lap to go

Checkered- race is over

Points System

Points go to the mower#

Everyone receives 6 show up points plus

First place= 14 points

Second place= 12 points

Third place= 10 points

Fourth place= 8 points

6 points for finishing race

2 points for starting in the race

Drivers who compete in heat races will receive an additional 4 points if they place in the final heat

***There will be an annual $25 fee per driver (this is for all adult drivers- children will not be charged) to participate in races with the RRUMRA.  This fee will be due no later than the second race that a driver participates in.  We apologize however, we find this fee is necessary in order to ensure the continued success of the organization to to help off set cost of the end of year banquet***