Congratulations to our 2019 point champions!

Kid's Stock

Savanaha Thomas 1st 

Daniel Richardson 2nd

Maggie Manning 3rd

Junior Stock

Freddie Kendrick 1st

Maddison Manning 2nd

Stock Twin Flathead

Travis Hawkins 1st

Lee Draughan 2nd

Justin Hall 3rd

Stock Single Cylinder Flathead

Bryan Lineberry 1st

Kristie Bond 2nd

Jaime Hall 3rd

Stock Overhead Valve

Doc Hall 1st

Benny Gilbert 2nd

Jaime Hall 3rd

Modified Single Cylinder Flathead

Greg Richardson 1st

Pam Sizemore 2nd

Wayne Belcher 3rd

Stock V-Twin

Wayne Thomas 1st

Wayne Belcher 2nd

Justin Wagoner 3rd

Modified Overhead Valve

Pete Snow 1st

Russell Hall 2nd

Justin Hall 3rd

Modified Twin Flathead

Justin Hall 1st

Eric Ward 2nd

Nathan Guthrie 3rd

Modified V-Twin (14-16)

Eric Ward 1st

Zack Schaefer 2nd

Anthony Loudermelk 3rd

Women's Division

Kristie Bond 1st

Jaime Hall 2nd

Pam Sizemore 3rd

Modified V-Twin (18-23)

Johnny Chappell 1st

Dean Buck 2nd

Eric Ward 3rd


Russell Hall 1st

Pete Snow 2nd

Wayne Thomas 3rd

Open Unlimited

Johnny Chappell 1st

Matthew Richardson 2nd

‚ÄčEric Ward 3rd

Rebels and Rednecks 2019 Points